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need help paying rent

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Hi my name is Cynthia. I am a pre-med student and I was recently dismissed from my job due

Hi my name is Cynthia. I am a pre-med student and I was recently dismissed from my job due to downsizing. I live alone with my younger brother who is 8. Our parents passed two years ago in a car accident and we have no other family. My landlord has been tirelessly harassing me ever since I lost my job but I have always managed to pay him but recently my savings ran out. We need $450 by August 22 or we will be living in my vehicle for the second time and if I am unable to recover a stable environment before anyone finds out my brother will go to the state. If anyone can help in any way please contact me at 205-275-6079 or I am willing to do any kind of work or small tasks or even large ones, tutoring, childcare, cleaning, yard work, anything for any amount of money. Every little bit helps and I am a hard worker. Thank you so much I will be praying.
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New in town  

In need

Wow i never thought i would be here asking for help, let alone asking from complete strangers. I have moved from kansas to texas to care for my ill father whom needs me as his caretaker. I have packed up me my household and my 3 boys and drove the big u-haul to texas. I was working in ks but since i paid for the u-haul and gas and food and room and board i am now broke. I have sec 8 voucher and i am looking for a house now and think i may have found one, but only thing is i need help with the deposit or first months rent. I hate to even type this asking for help but due to my situation i find myself in need. I can pay back the funds to whomever it is that helps because i do get social security and in the process of waiting for my settlement from kansas when i was in a car wreck 7 months ago. I need help with whatever it is anyone can give. The rent is $1295 the deposit is $1200 i need help with only one of them and again with whatever it is someone can do. This is a one time situation for me because i will start getting paid to care for my father come april 1st. And my social security right now is covering me and my kids way as we speak, food, bills,gas, etc. In the name of JESUS i pray someone can help me out in this crazy akward situation. Thanks so kindly
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for all the people that need help.

I hope that things turn around for everyone.
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Need help to pay rent

I need help paying my rent for only this month, I tried every thing.
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Please help!

I am about to be evicted if I cannot come up with rent and I don't know what else to do! My girlfriend is pregnant and we don't really have anywhere else to go. My employer had to let me and a few people go because he couldn't afford as many people, and my girlfriend was training with a new company who isn't paying her for some reason or returning our calls now!
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About whit86!

Hi I am a single mother of two and became unemployed a month a go. I need help with paying my rent I am short $300 if there is anyone out there that can help me I would be soooo grateful.

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About Jenn2010

My Husband and I have a 2 year old son. We just filed bankruptcy to get our life back on track but now we are getting evictedand we found another house for rent and in a much better neighborhood then the 1 we are in now so that is a plus! But my husbands hours got cut and now we are barely making it. We move into our new house next friday but 1 problem...i am 400.00 short on the first months rent...i have tried everything! Contacted charities, churches and community action as well as the salvation army. Everything is either closed because of lack of funds or they haven't gotten their quarterly pay..I NEED HELP..what can I do? Anybody have any suggestions on where to come up with 400.00??? I'm so tired of everything being a battle..i just need 1 thing to go right in my life for once!! I'm slowly losing hope!! HELP!!

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Someone Please Help ME!!!!!

I don't know where to begin with my situation nor how much I should type to stress the need that I am in.   I have been living in my apartment going on 6yrs. I recently lost my 2yr job back in January. Since then I have been job hunting with zero luck. My rent is 1163.00 a month. My mother has been helping me as much as she can. I have sold any and eveything in my apartment as well. Now some may say I need to just down grade and move out since I am no longer working. But that takes money as well. So I rather just try my hardest to keep what I have. I have FAITH God will bring me through.

Out of the 6yrs I have been living here they have never had to file eviction on me til this month. I am very scared because I have no idea what is next for me. No, I don't have any kids nor no really sad story to tell. I have been truly blessed and have been able to substain my current situation very well. I am just looking for help from someone that can understand my current situation and know I will pay them back as soon as I get on my feet.

Sometimes in life we all hit rock bottom to where we need a helping hand, this is my time. I promise to God and myself once I am out of this I will always be that helping hand every month to 1 person in need.

I am in need of 1600.00 that's past due rent, late fees, court fees. And please note any amount you can help me with is greatly appreciated I dont care if its only 1.00 that gives me hope there are good people out there. Feel free to call or email me if you can help. thanks 404.808.2948 



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SanDiego County Section 8 Rental Assistance Program


To access some of the following information below.

 Section 8 Rental Assistance Programs
Get e-mail updates when information about our Section 8 Program is updated.

Current Section 8 participants -- the Winter 2009 Newsletter is available along with other important information and forms.

The Housing Authority of the County of San Diego has programs for low-income households to help them pay their rent. A portion of the rent is paid on behalf of the families directly to their landlords. You may view listings for available units by bedroom size. These listings are provided by landlords willing to participate in the rental assistance programs. Be aware that families are not restricted to the units on this list. You may also look for units on your own.  If you are looking for a unit to accommodate the needs of a person with disabilities, the Housing Authority is committed to provide services and resources to help you.  The  National Accessible Housing Clearing House and have information on accessible units.  The Housing Authority is neither affiliated with, nor endorses the National Accessible Housing Clearing House or   

In order to qualify for the programs, you must live in certain areas of the county, and you must place your name on our waiting list. The wait may be 5-8 years, or more depending on our funding levels. Unfortunately, we don't have emergency assistance available. These programs are:

HOUSING CHOICE VOUCHER PROGRAM - Eligible families selected off our waiting list can choose a unit in any area we serve that an owner is willing to join the program. They must pay at least 30% of their adjusted monthly income for rent and utilities. We will pay the rest to the landlord, as long as the total rent and utilities are at, or below a certain standard, called a payment standard. If the rent is too high, the unit may not be eligible for assistance.  Click here to see a more in depth description of the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Eligible Households  -- Highest priority goes to:

Applicants who live or work in the jurisdiction of the Housing Authority of the County of San Diego and are at least one of the following:

    * Families with dependent children.
    * Working Applicants- (Must have worked at least 32 + hours per week for the previous six months. Applicants may combine job training or an academic program as part of the previous 12-month requirement. Applicants receiving Unemployment, Disability, or Workman's Compensation Benefits will be considered qualifying under the preference if those benefits were the result 12 continuous months of employment at 32 + hours per week up to the start of the above referenced benefits.)
    * Elderly families (head of household or spouse is 62 years of age or older).
    * Disabled families (head of household or spouse is disabled).
    * Veterans or surviving spouses of veterans (other than dishonorable discharge)

Eligible Units - The unit the family selects must meet certain standards. We will inspect the unit before any assistance is paid, and at least once a year, as long as assistance is being paid. The unit must always be in decent, safe, and sanitary condition. The unit checklist is available in our library.

Program Rules - The rights and responsibilities for participants of the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher can be found in the Family Handbook.

MODERATE REHABILITATION PROGRAM - This program offers privately owned rental units in East County for low-income families.  There are approximately 135 of these units.  If a unit becomes available, applicants are selected off our waiting list and referred to the landlord for screening and selection.  If the landlord determines a family suitable, we will then determine if the family is eligible for participation in the program.  Finally, the eligible family moves into the unit and pays a portion of the rent based on income, while we pay the remainder of the rent.  The family's eligibility for continued participation is reviewed annually.

You may be eligible for the above programs if:

You must live or work in an unincorporated area of San Diego County, or in Chula Vista, Coronado, Del Mar, El Cajon, Escondido, Imperial Beach, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Poway, San Marcos, Santee, Solana Beach, or Vista.  

If you live outside of these areas, there are 5 other Housing Authorities in San Diego County.  Contact the one for the city you live in.

    * The San Diego Housing Commission  serving the city of San Diego
    * Community Development Commission of National City
    * City of Encinitas Community Development
    * City of Oceanside Housing Department
    * City of Carlsbad Housing and Redevelopment Department


Your total gross annual income must be at or below 50% of the San Diego County Area Median Income (AMI).

If you meet the above requirements and wish to apply for rental assistance, you may submit an application on-line at  If you require specific accommodation to complete the application, please contact our office at (858) 694-4801 or (877) 478-LIST.   


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About needhelpnow11

We  are a family of 5 with a 16 month old child. We need help paying our rent. We just received a 3 day notice and need the funds fast.

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About mom79

I am a single mom to a beautiful 4 year.old. My husband left us both about 1 year ago. To avoid the shame and hurt I moved to another state. Since I have been here its been really hard for me. I live in salt lake city now. I can't find work or anything. I need money to pay for childcare. The state welfare system only pays half of what daughter childcare is, and by the grace of god we are giving food stamps to eat each month. But they will not give me any cash asstistance. My ex-husband does not pay child support. I have to beg him for anything when it come to our child. He sends whatever he wants when he want. I am behind in my rent of 1400! I have been giving an eviction notice! I have no support from my family. My family talks negative about me and thinks they are better then me. So why I am on the verge of being homeless they are laughing at me. Please! Someone help me!

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mandolicous   in reply to Andie86   on

Need help paying Rent/Bills/Student Loan

im 23 yr old female .ive been in a codependent relationship for 4 yrs now .im finding im in medical school with no time to get a job anyway . i need my own place but cant get finacial aid from my school . i nned help

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mcdgn   in reply to SysBot   on

Aidpage group discussing "need help paying rent"...

I am a single mom who has raised 3 children since my divorce.  My youngest is a teen and still living with me.  In the past 2 years I have been laid off of two jobs.  It took me almost 8 months to find the 2nd job.  I am now behind in my rent and owe $2,000.  I need to have this paid in full by the end of September or face becoming homeless. 

My daughter and I would be so greatful for any help.  Funds to help with rent are not available.  I have no family that can help me.

Thank you.

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Swifty McJ  

About Swifty McJ

Hello, my name is Joshua and me and my family really need help!  Our rent was due on the first and we have no other options to try.  I was a stay-at-home dad with a brand new baby boy and 2 awesome sons since December 08 while my fiance worked full-time and went to school full-time.  Now my baby is almost a year old and my other 2 boys are 5 and almost 4  We were barely scraping by then and now she lost her job but finished school and is in the process of getting an MA job.  I however have went back to work for Wal-Mart but times are worse than ever.  All of our bills are way past due but they wont matter if we do not have a home to pay them in.  I am begging anyone out there with a heart to please help us!  Any and all help will be greatly appreciated :)  Please Please help us! 

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About conniefuller

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sadiejane1   in reply to Andie86   on

Need help paying Rent/Bills/Student Loan

i need help with my rent this week, nothing worked out like it was supposed to.

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Need help paying Rent/Bills/Student Loan

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About motherhooddancer

Need Help Paying Rent

We are a 1 income family of 3. We need help paying our January (well past due) and Febuary rent. My husband has a good job. He builds decks and such. Unfortunatly, with the economy, several builders left his company.In mid december there was no work til the 8th of January. And work is very limited. As well peak season for his line of work is Spring and Summer.

He is back working, but the pay just is not cuting it to get the rent paid. It will pick up in March. We owe now,and have no time to get by til then.

We have prayed for blessings and have exhausted all options to remedy the situation. We too fall through the cracks. My husband averages $1000 a week, now at $300-$500. The government programs etc. look at your gross,before taxes, and annual. We have always taken care of ourselves. Never had a hand out to anyone, and is a pride shattering thing to have to ask for help.

If it were my husband and I we would take whatever life throws at us, we'd get evicted,live in a car if we had to, we be okay. But our 2 year old daughter changes everything, makes you go against your own morals and reach out for help.

I am a stay at home mom, a choice we made for the benefit of my child. If I worked all my income would go to day care, were someone else would basically be raising her  by day. And normally my husband made enough to provide for us three.

This is a first time circumstance and we were unprepared. The first time, he recieved no xmas bonus and there was no work. With help we'll be able to rise above this get back on our feet catch up on everything and beable to get a nest egg savings going in spring and summer to prepare for next winter, so that this never ever happens again.

If anyone can help us out, please contact me.

We have worked so hard to get where we are and too loose it all due to not enough time to get money in, would hinder us in so many ways. We will be evicted, on the street no where to go, with our two year old daughter, which to us would be failing as parents. It would destroy our rental history,reffrence,and reputation. And destroy our credit that we worked so hard to have in good standing.

I pray every day, for my prayers to be answered. To see the light in this dark storm, I've tried to be optimistic. I have even altered any bills allowed such as cabel phone etc where I changed my plans so that they are lower.

We have been using what income he has recieved to pay the remaining halph of december rent, food and pull-ups for daughter, power, car payments and gas so he can get to jobs.

I keep the internet, to sell items we no longer use for extra cash, though not been too sucessful,too many people sell baby stuff on craigslist.

I also use internet to try and find employment to work from home,just haven't been able to find legit oppourtunities.

Right now, many people have the same story, people are broke can't pay rent, forecloseures, the economy has self destructed.

Any person in this situation, who is lucky enough to over come it. Learn from it. I'm not talking to the people that put themselves in the situation. Not talking to the people, who waste what money they do have friviously, or are lazy and simply don't want to work. I'm talking to the people that bust their butts in today's world to make it. People with children, people with families, that work hard every day. You fall into a hole, and your able to climb out learn from it. Prepare for the future, protect yourself and loved ones. When you get on your feet, get a savings going so the next time you fall into a circumstance over your head you can bail yourself out.

No savings is why we can't help ourselves. We learned the hard way, a mistake were paying for.

I've read the other similar stories here, and it's heavy on the heart to see  this many people out here going through the same thing. Scared, stressed in fear of their own lives.

I watch my daughter run through the house, smiling, and it breaks my heart, not knowing will we lose our home or not? Were on month to month lease so it could happen any given day.

I think if we get out of this, back on our feet I'm going to do something to help others. Help the homeless, come up with an organization, something.

There's too may people suffering out here, that need someone to care.

Keep my family in your prayers, and I will pray for all those in similar situations. My husband and I have a saying we use to encourage us in rough times, be it when I had contractons in labor, or when he had no work, or now when we can't pay our rent "THIS TOO SHALL PASS".


Thank you.


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About inez1

i have a 2 month old baby girl and am behind 2 months rent.i live in north andover, there any organization inmy area that will help. thank you,mrs.f

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